Apridata feature in Cavan SIRO Gigabit Hub Launch

We were delighted to participate in the Siro/Vodafone Gigabit Hub launch on Friday 24th November at the Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre (CITC).

Access to fast broadband has been critical to our success as we service customers throughout Ireland and overseas. In an increasingly digitised economy high speed connectivity is essential. Two key ingredients to our success are access to talent and fast broadband. Cavan is now well positioned for both. Just one hour from Dublin almost entirely by motorway, Cavan provides an alternative location for career professionals which is close enough to benefit from easy airport access and business/networking events in Dublin, yet far enough to experience a rural quality of life with great community spirit, outdoor amenities and lower living costs (especially when it comes to housing and childcare costs).

At Apridata, we’ve always believed it’s possible to run a technology company from a region like Cavan, which provides exciting technology career opportunities for those who are looking for an alternative to the urban lifestyle. The Gigabit Hub now opens up opportunities for others to start or establish part of their business in the region and contribute to the growing number of technology and digital professionals in the region.

Hear some more in the video below:


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