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What is it like working with us?

At Apridata we subscribe to a set of values that act as a guiding philosophy on how we serve our employees, our customers and the broader society and community that we are part of. We believe strongly in these values and they reflect the overall culture you can expect to experience within the company.

We obsess on customer experience

When serving our customers we place importance on accountability, responsiveness and acting with a sense of urgency. Our customers depend on us to run critical business processes or provide timely insights. Being a partner to them means being available when it counts. In every role in our organisation we place the customer front and central in everything we do and take individual ownership and accountability in delivering for them. We obsess on customer experience which requires viewing a problem or solution from our customers perspective. Our employees rank situations where they have made tangible positive impacts to people within our customers organisations as the most rewarding aspects of their roles within Apridata.

We are voraciously curious, constantly learn and embrace change

We work in an industry that is evolving and changing at a rapid pace. Tools and technologies we use today didn't exist three years ago. We might work with a customer in financial services today and in manufacturing tomorrow. The innate curiosity in each of us drives us to quickly understand the uniqueness of each of our customers businesses and identify solutions for their specific needs. We are comfortable with the requirement to constantly develop and learn on-the-job with mentoring and structured learning supports. We adopt a beginners mindset and are always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. We don't get overly attached to the tools, technologies or solutions we develop today as we know they will change tomorrow.

We focus on outcomes and respect work/life balance

At Apridata we are passionate and motivated about making a difference in people's lives by helping change the way they work for the better. We believe in the same for our employees. We respect individuality and understand that we can have varying demands on our personal life as we journey through it. We believe in being flexible in order to achieve the best out of each of our employees. By focussing on outcomes achieved rather than hours spent in front of a screen we acknowledge the importance of achieving a work/life balance and don't equate hours worked to performance. At times we require that extra effort from everyone but make it the exception rather than the rule.

We believe work is no longer a place and support work where we work best

We don't believe everyone needs to be in the office at the same time all of the time. That's not how we all work at our best. We don't see geography as a barrier and support our employees to work wherever they do their best work, whether that's fully remote, a hybrid of working remote and on-site or fully on-site. We also recognise the importance and value of face to face social interaction with whole team in-person events. We continually invest in tools and techniques to enable effective teamwork, working where we work best.

Open Positions

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Software Engineering

Software Automation Developer

Cavan, Ireland & Remote
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