Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the execution of tasks by software robots (Bots) that would previously have been performed by humans. The Bots interact with applications mimicing human clicks and keyboard input . High volume repetitive tasks involving a number of steps across different applications are ideal candidates for RPA. Bots can run 24 hours a day 365 days a year if required, dramatically improving productivity.

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robotic process automation

Applications of RPA

RPA can be effectively deployed on hundreds of common processes within organisations of any size. Below are just a couple of examples of where RPA can be deployed to good effect.


From quote generation to order entry and incoming payment processing.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Compare bank statements against internal records


From PO creation to GRPO and Invoice matching and posting

Data Updates

Routine updates of constantly changing data from across applications, forms and emails

Resolving Customer Issues

Automate common issues with multi-step processes that require little decision making

IT Support

Automate common time consuming tasks for users.

HR Onboarding

Automate setting up of new employees across applications

Inventory Updates

Keep inventory levels accurate across systems

Application Processing

Automate the manual processes involved in the processing of applications

Automated Bots and Assistant Bots

RPA Bots can be deployed in two different modes. Autonomous and Assistant. Autonomous Bots are designed for tasks and processes that don't require any manual intervention. Autonomous Bots can perform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and whats more, multiple of them can run in parallel.
Assistant Bots work with humans to automate parts of the process and can be called on demand when required .

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Step 1

Assess RPA Opportunity

Evaluate the suitability of a process for RPA.

Step 2

Capture Process Steps, Pilot & Implement

Record each step in the process, implement bot scripts and identify suitable pilot to deploy.

Step 3

Manage RPA Lifecycle

Manage Bot script changes through process and application user interface changes.

Our Process

A proven process to successful RPA

We've implemented many RPA projects interfacing with multiple ERP and other applications. We focus on successful outcomes across end to end processes that maximise return on investment.

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Case Study

How we helped bring automation to Europe's No. 1 Independent Medical Device Distributor's Finance Operations

“Apridata were instrumental in the transformation of our finance operations introducing AI and Robotic Process Automation that enable us to scale our operations effectively.”

Trevor Rodgers
Chief Finance Officer, HC21 Group
Incoming Payments
processed by Bot
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